Peter Fitzgerald – Navigating Aging: PACE’s Comprehensive Care Approach

Join us for a compelling episode of the AI50 Connect with Peter Fitzgerald, an authority on the Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE). In this concise yet comprehensive conversation, we explore the essence of PACE, its evolution as an alternative to traditional nursing homes, and the breadth of its care services, including medical, […]

Convergence of AI, Data Science, and Big Data in Senior Care

Akmal Chaudhri, Esq. is a seasoned Subject Matter Expert (SME) in database technology with a career since 1988 that spans roles like developer, consultant, and technical trainer. His extensive expertise includes Big Data, Data Science, and NoSQL. Chaudhri holds advanced degrees in Computing and Information Systems and Computer Science with a specialization in Database Performance […]

Parkinson’s Disease, A Paradigm Of Aging? with Dr. Alfonso Fasano

Join me in conversation with Dr. Alfonso Fasano, Professor of Medicine, Neurology University of Toronto. Do you have a loved one with Parkinson’s disease? It’s a progressive disorder of the nervous system that affects movement and can lead to tremors, slowness of movement, stiffness in the limbs and trunk, balance problems, and difficulty walking. There […]

Michelle Copenhaver – Integrated Technology Platforms to Empower Better Patient Care

Health care organizations are challenged to balance financial pressures with the need to provide high-quality, affordable, and accessible health care. Providers must navigate a rapidly changing environment in order to remain competitive while improving the quality of care and reducing costs. The healthcare industry is at an inflection point; A new generation of technology and […]

Tazeen H. Rizvi – How Health Technology Is Helping Older Adults Face Aging, and Disease

Join me in conversation with Dr. Tazeen H. Rizvi, Digital Health Transformation, HealthTech Advisor & Disruptor, to discuss “How Health Technology Is Helping Older Adults Face Aging, Disease, and Disability.” As we age, it becomes increasingly important to take steps to maintain our independence and live healthy lives. However, many older adults find this difficult […]

Leith States – The AI Frontier: Ethical and Policy Considerations for a Healthier Future

Welcome to an enthralling episode “The AI Frontier: Ethical and Policy Considerations for a Healthier Future.” In this captivating discussion, we delve into the profound impact of cutting-edge technology on the healthcare industry. Join us as we unravel the fascinating relationship between artificial intelligence (AI) and healthcare, featuring a highly esteemed guest speaker, Dr. Leith […]

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