Akmal Chaudhri, Esq. is a seasoned Subject Matter Expert (SME) in database technology with a career since 1988 that spans roles like developer, consultant, and technical trainer.

His extensive expertise includes Big Data, Data Science, and NoSQL. Chaudhri holds advanced degrees in Computing and Information Systems and Computer Science with a specialization in Database Performance Benchmarking.

He’s internationally recognized, presenting at various conferences, serving on program committees, and advising on Big Data Analytics. Chaudhri has edited/co-edited ten books and maintains an active online presence, sharing insights on technologies like OpenAI and SingleStoreDB.

His comprehensive skills, backed by an impressive academic foundation and practical experience, positions him as a leader in database technology.

Topics Covered:

🛤️ The journey in the database technology field since 1988.
🌱 The evolution of Big Data and Data Science fields.
🔄 Significant changes in the database technology landscape.
⏰ Pivotal moments and their influence on career path.
🔁 Comparative experiences with NoSQL and traditional database technologies.
📚 Challenges of editing a book in the technology field.
🌐 Experiences and lessons from serving on the 2015 Expert Advisory Panel guiding Malaysia’s Big Data Analytics journey.
🔄 Strategies for staying up-to-date in the rapidly changing field of database technology.
🔮 Anticipated future trends in Big Data and Data Science.
🤖 The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Senior Care.
🧩 Predictive Modeling and Pattern Recognition in Data Science for Senior Care.
📈 Utilizing Big Data for Enhancing Senior Care.
🎓 Advice for newcomers to the field of database technology and Big Data.

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