Join us for a dynamic LinkedIn Live event: “The Future is Now: Exploring AI, Automation, and Innovation in Healthcare and Business” with our distinguished guests Dr. Douglas Dew, CEO of Automated Clinical Guidelines, and Conor Grennan, Dean of MBA and Graduate Students at NYU Stern School of Business.

We’ll dive deep into AI’s transformative role in healthcare and business, demystifying chatbot technologies like ChatGPT , and discussing how these innovations are revolutionizing various sectors. This event is a must for those intrigued by AI, automation, business innovation, and the future of healthcare. Don’t miss the opportunity to learn from these industry pioneers!

Tue, Jun 20, 2023, 11:00 AM – 12:30 PM (EDT)

Topics we will discuss:

Dr. Dew’s journey to becoming CEO of Automated Clinical Guidelines and his role in leveraging AI in healthcare.
Impact of AI and automation in contemporary healthcare, focusing on Dr. Dew’s innovations.
Dew’s unique system that allows a machine to write its own code to understand medicine as a structured two-way conversation.
The role of AI in eliminating the need for prior authorizations in healthcare.
Introduction to Conor Grennan and his multi-faceted roles at NYU Stern School of Business.
How Conor Grennan is fostering generative AI fluency in Stern’s students, faculty, and administration through the GenerativeAI@Stern initiative.
Discussion on the HTG (Hi, Thanks, Great) principle, its origin, and its influence on user interaction with AI like ChatGPT.
The success stories and improvements that users have experienced by applying the HTG principle when interacting with AI.
The future of AI in healthcare and business: Vision shared by both Dr. Dew and Conor Grennan.
The challenges and opportunities for AI regulations in healthcare and business.
Inspiring stories of innovation and entrepreneurship from Dr. Dew’s and Conor Grennan’s experiences.

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