AI Trends 2024: Realistic Expectations, Multimodal Capabilities, and Responsible Innovation

In this episode of AI50 Connect, “AI Trends 2024: Realistic Expectations, Multimodal Capabilities, and Responsible Innovation”, your host, Hanh Brown, explores the AI trends shaping 2024, focusing on realistic expectations, multimodal capabilities, and responsible innovation. She discusses moving past the hype around generative AI tools like ChatGPT and DALL-E to understand their true potential and limitations. The rise of multimodal AI, which integrates various data types, is set to revolutionize human-machine interaction. She also delves into the quest for smaller, more efficient AI models and the importance of cost optimization in the face of rising GPU and cloud expenses. The episode highlights the benefits of custom local models for businesses seeking tailored solutions and greater control over their AI systems. She examines the growing role of virtual agents in automating tasks and enhancing productivity. Finally, she emphasizes the significance of responsible AI practices, comprehensive governance policies, and the need to navigate the evolving regulatory landscape. The future of AI is ours to shape through innovation and responsible use. 👉 See our Website:🎙 Boomer Living Podcast:👉 LinkedIn:

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