Politics and the Future of Tech

In this podcast episode, Hanh Brown explores the relationship between technology, government policy, and society. The discussion focuses on crucial decisions about regulating AI, blockchain innovation, and ensuring equal access to technology. It’s not just about new devices, but how these technologies can transform society for better or worse. The episode covers topics like the influence of big tech companies versus startups on government policies, the need for a diverse AI market and precise regulations, and blockchain’s potential beyond cryptocurrencies. Hanh emphasizes the importance of proactive, informed engagement from policymakers, technologists, and the public to ensure technology is used ethically and promotes a more equitable society. The episode concludes with a call to action for everyone to work together to shape a future where technology addresses global challenges and enhances human values. 🎙 AI50 Podcast 📹 Want to receive our videos faster? SUBSCRIBE to our channel! 👉 Visit our AI50 website 👉 Schedule a demo 📰 Receive our weekly newsletter 👉 Follow Hanh Brown on LinkedIn 🏛 Follow AI50 Business Page

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