Paul E. Griffin III – To Meet the Needs of an Older Adult Is One That Takes into Account Their Emotional Needs (Part 2 of 2)

How do you meet the needs of an older adult? You have to pay attention to what matters to them. You have to work with the wisdom and experience they bring to the table. You have to honor their life stories, paying attention to any losses or trauma they may have suffered. And you need a bit of flexibility and creativity in order to think outside the box when it comes to figuring out how they can be engaged in life. Join me to listen to my conversation with Paul E. Griffin III as we share thoughts, as a provider, on how to best serve older adults. The best approach for meeting the needs of an older adult is one that takes into account their emotional needs – those things that matter most to them like respect for their dignity; opportunities for social connection; feeling useful; having control over their lives; maintaining good health…and so much more! Listen to part 1 of our interview here: Timestamps:[00:00] We can provide an environment, a setting to lend itself for that. But getting the folks to go along with it can be a challenge, especially if, they’re experiencing the later part of dementia or have dementia at some point.[01:36] Having activities for seniors is great, but at times seniors need a nudge to get involved, and this is a form of care itself. How do you make sure that your staff treats their job as that of a caregiver?[04:00] They all have different temperaments. They came to the community with different life journeys.[08:54] The thing is it takes another human being with a heart to sit slowly, understand and relate and commiserate, and really reach into their heart and understand.[11:13] How do you get your staff to find ways of including families in the care plan? Is there a way to make rewards for bringing in families and creating, an enjoyable experience for them?[12:48] Meals are a great time to come together.[13:16] Architecture comes into play.[15:41] We’re in the housing, senior housing, we also need to consider we’re in the caring business, plus we’re in learning how to care best care for folks with dementia.[18:07] You’re making some great impact for young baby boomers, the baby boomers, the silent generation. So you have to keep doing what you’re doing.[20:25] Let’s emphasize the caregiving side.[24:23] 10,000 a day turning 65 for the next several decades.[25:33] Wrap-up Bio:Paul E. Griffin III is the founder, Chief Executive Officer, and President of Griffin Living. A fifth-generation builder with forty years of expertise in real estate development, Paul was inducted into the Forbes Real Estate Council in 2020. Before founding Griffin Living, Paul has overseen the development of projects, including residential homes, apartment complexes, retail centers, and commercial office space. In his career, Paul has created over $4 billion in value and received numerous awards and honors, including Habitat for Humanity’s Builder of the Year (Hammer of Hope) and the Building Industry Association’s Builder of the Year. You can learn more about Paul on his LinkedIn profile:

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