Medicare Advantage, Home Care & Senior Living Resources with Doug Robertson and Kerin Zuger

The inclusion of Home Care services in Medicare Advantage plans has doubled from ’21 to ’22. This means that more seniors are receiving care at home, which is a positive trend for senior living communities and In-Home Care providers. Join me in a LIVE conversation with Doug Robertson, Kerin Zuger, Right at Home. A decentralized care model provides patients with the right care, at the right time, and in the right place. It’s a patient-centered approach to health and wellness that gives people access to high-quality services from trusted providers. It also helps providers better coordinate care across settings, making it more efficient, effective, and affordable while improving patient outcomes. This is the future of healthcare – decentralized, integrated, and patient-centered. Medicare Advantage Partnerships are a great way to diversify your revenue stream and increase profitability.——————– Bio: Doug Robertson, Government affairs professional providing regulatory compliance, licensing, and government reimbursement guidance in the senior care market. Learn more about Doug: Kerin Zuger, Experienced and passionate Healthcare Executive with a demonstrated history of developing scalable business models, innovative solutions, and strategic partnerships across multiple industries; with the goal of finding synergistic ways to expand value proposition and diversify revenue streams. Learn more about Kerin:

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