Paul Nussbaum – Healing the Spiritual Brain of Seniors

Do you feel like your brain is constantly in overdrive? You’re not alone. We live in a world of constant stimulation, and it takes its toll on our brains. This can have some adverse effects on seniors if they don’t have proper mental wellness. With the constant pressure to keep up, it’s no wonder that many seniors are in danger of experiencing poor brain health. But there are ways to bring emotional and spiritual balance back into your life. And the first step is understanding how neuroscience has uncovered the spiritual capacity and underpinnings of the human brain. Once we understand that our brains have an innate ability to be balanced, we can begin to take steps towards bringing more peace into our lives by taking care of ourselves with mindfulness practices that help us tap into this part of ourselves again. These practices include meditation, yoga, breathing exercises, journaling, exercise – anything that helps us connect with what matters most to us as individuals so we can find inner peace. Joining me in conversation today is Dr. Paul Nussbaum.——————– Bio: Dr. Nussbaum is a Board Certified Clinical and Geropsychology Neuropsychologist with a specialization in aging, brain health, and lifestyle management. Find Dr. Nussbaum on LinkedIn:

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