Ashton Applewhite – Ageism Hurts All Humanity, Society, You, and Your Children

Ageism is a form of discrimination and prejudice against older people. It’s everywhere, from the workplace to healthcare to entertainment to education. You may not even realize you’re being affected by it because it’s so ingrained in our culture, but that doesn’t mean we should ignore its existence. It hurts the economy; it’s unfair to […]

Tracey Gendron – Why America Thinks Your Age Is a Big Deal

In America, age is a big deal. We are a youth-obsessed culture that is always looking for the next best thing. This can be seen in the way we talk about aging. We often use words like “elderly” or “senior citizen” to describe older adults, as if they are a different species. This othering creates […]

How AI Can Combat Ageism: Revolution in Workplace Diversity

How AI Can Combat Ageism

As technology revolutionizes the corporate landscape, AI is fast becoming the backbone of human resources (HR) management. It streamlines recruitment, enhances productivity, and fosters a diversified work environment. However, like any potent tool, its impact is a function of the hand that wields it. AI, with its inherent potential, can combat ageism, a form of […]

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