Tracy (Killoren) Chadwell – 1843 Capital, “Silver Tech” Funding Startups That Are Developing Technology for Older Adults

The future of the senior population is here, and it’s not what you think. Technological advancements are coming so fast that they’re literally changing how we age as a society. Older adults are more active than ever before. To catch up with the changing face of this demographic, many companies have started to develop technology solutions for them. Tracy (Killoren) Chadwell is the founding partner of 1843 Capital, a company dedicated solely to funding startups. She’s making her mark through early-stage investments in “Silver Tech”, who are developing tech specifically designed for older adults! This will help them stay active and engaged as they grow old while also allowing them to participate more fully in society than ever before!——————– Timestamps: [00:00]Pre-Intro dialogue from Tracy (Killoren) Chadwell [01:41]Introduction [02:18]Explanation of what Silver Tech is? [02:58]Why did you choose to focus on Silver Tech and what factors led to this strategic focus? [03:52]Is part of the reason you focus on Silver Tech out of personal interest too or was it a trend? And it was industry-based? [04:44]What are the current trends we’re seeing in technology solutions for older adults in the senior living space? What are your thoughts? [06:07]How is the over 50 demographic changing and where do you think this group will be long-term? [08:31]What innovations are currently in the pipeline that is aiming to slow the aging process that you see? [11:00]What are some of the companies that you’re most proud of investing in? [13:06]What company that you invested in, do you think will have the biggest impact long-term in the field of an older adult and senior living care? [14:40]In your role, how do you find the balance of what is needed versus what is investible? [16:54]Has there ever been an idea or a company you were passionate about, but was just not investible for one reason or another? [18:03]I know you’re very active in the community of Women’s Founders. Can you explain what barriers you had to overcome in this, male-dominated industry to get to where you are today? [20:13]What are you doing to make sure that future women don’t have to face these same challenges? What can an average person do to help in this, in this fight? [21:27]On a personal level, what do you think is your biggest strength that enables you to have a unique, impactful effect on this senior sector? [23:01]Do you have anything else that you would like to add?——————– Bio: Named as one of Entrepreneur Magazine’s “100 Powerful Women” and Forbes “8 Women VC’s to know” Tracy (Killoren) Chadwell is an experienced venture capital investor and attorney. Notable investments include early investments in Beautycounter, which sold for $1 Billion, Tempo Automation, HopSkipDrive, and May Mobility. She is a leader and a sought-after speaker within the community of women founders, innovators, and entrepreneurs, including giving testimony before a U.S. Senate Committee. She has been a speaker for the Nantucket Project, MIT, and TEDx NYIT. In 2018, she was won Moffly Media’s “Women’s Business Advocate” award. Learn more about Tracy at:

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