Giulio Maria Pasinetti – Aging Is Inevitable. But Biological Aging? That’s Optional.


For thousands of years, humans have been aging. And as our technology has progressed, so has our understanding of aging. We now know that while chronological aging is inevitable, biological aging is not. That’s why it’s so important to understand the biology of aging. We can reduce our risk factors for disease and improve our quality of life by making conscious choices about how we live our lives.

When you hear that the baby boomer generation is getting older and people are living longer than ever before, what does that mean for us? Well, the definition of “aging successfully” is up for debate. Some people think that baby boomers have taken advantage of the system and should retire earlier.

Others argue that we need to find a way to financially support older adults who are unable to work. There are also concerns about whether or not the healthcare system can handle an aging population. Many baby boomers are choosing to stay active and healthy well into their golden years. So, it’s important to remember that each person’s experience with aging is unique. We should all be prepared for the challenges and opportunities that come with growing old.

Will baby boomers be the last generation to experience successful aging? Or will millennials and Generation X continue to enjoy good health into their golden years? Only time will tell.

But one thing is for sure: the science of aging is constantly evolving, and we’re only getting better at fighting the effects of age-related disease.

No matter what the future holds, we should all strive to age gracefully and with dignity.

Joining me today is DR. GIULIO MARIA PASINETTI, MD, Ph.D. He is a world-renowned expert on aging and Alzheimer’s disease. He has dedicated his life to understanding the root causes of brain disorders. By developing model systems of brain disorders, he has been able to clarify their underlying mechanisms and develop preventative and therapeutic approaches for neurological disorders. This research has earned him a strong record of successful and productive endeavors.

He is currently the Saunders Family Chair and Professor of Neurology at The Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, as well as the Director of the Basic and Biomedical Research and Training Program of the James J. Peters Veterans Affairs Medical Center.

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Hanh Brown / Dr. Giulio Maria Pasinetti, MD, PhD

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Episode Transcript


 Hanh Brown: Hi, I’m Hanh Brown and welcome to Boomer Living Broadcasts as baby boomer’s were living through an unprecedented time in history.
 Hanh Brown: Our generation is aging faster than any other before us and we are facing unique challenges and opportunities at woman living, We understand that the needs of seniors are constantly changing, That’s why we offer a wide range of resources to help baby boomer’s live their best lives, So whether you’re looking for information.
 Hanh Brown: And senior healthcare digital health dementia Parkersons caregiving technology adoption, affordable senior living options are financial insecurity, well, we got you covered, our goal is to provide practical information in support to help you navigate this new face.
 Hanh Brown: Life so please join us as we explore the exciting opportunities and challenges that come with growing older. I like to thank you all for joining us and I’m excited that you here we want to encourage everyone to participate, So please chime in and let let us know whats on your mind.
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 Hanh Brown: So today’s topic is aging is inevitable, but biological aging well thats optional.
 Hanh Brown: For thousands of years humans have been aging and as our technology has progressed so here’s our understanding of aging.
 Hanh Brown: We now know that while chronological aging is inevitable, but biological aging is not, and that’s why its important to understand biology of aging, we can reduce our risk factors for disease and improve our quality of life by making conscious choices about how we live our lives when you.
 Hanh Brown: That the baby boomer generation is getting older and people are living longer than ever before, what does it mean for us? Won’t the definition of aging successfully is up for debate, Some people saying that the baby boomers are taken advantage to the system and should retire earlier authors argue that we need to find a way to 
 Hanh Brown: Financial support older adults who are unable to work, Theres also concerns about whether or not the healthcare system can handle on aging population many baby boomers are choosing to stay active and healthy well into their golden years, So it’s important to remember that each persons experience with aging is unique.
 Hanh Brown: We should also be prepared for the challenges and opportunities that come with growing older.
 Hanh Brown: Well the baby boomers be the last generation to experience successful aging or will the millennials and generation X continue to enjoy the good health into their golden years, While only time will tell, But one thing is for sure the science of aging is constantly evolving and were only getting better at fighting.
 Hanh Brown: The effects of age related disease.,
 Hanh Brown: No matter, What the future holds? We should all strive to age gracefully and with dignity., 
 Hanh Brown:Today join me is Doctor Giulio Maria Pasinetti ,He is out world renowned expert in aging and U.S. harm or cities, he has dedicated his life to understanding the root causes of brain disorders.,
 Hanh Brown: By developing model systems of brain disorders, he has been able to clarify the underlying mechanisms and develop preventative and therapeutic approaches for neurological disorders, His research his earned him a strong record of successful and productive endeavors his currently the Saunder’s family chair,
 Hanh Brown: And professor of Neurology, an icon School of Medicine at Mount Sinai as well as the Director of Basic in Biomedical Research and Training Program of the James Peters Veterans Affairs Medical Center.,
 Hanh Brown: To Doctor Giulio welcome to the show., 
 Doctor Giulio: Thank you very much. 
 Doctor Giulio:My pleasure thank you for everything
  Hanh Brown: Well I thank you for your time, and were were talking about a very important topic that affects everybody in, I appreciate your making their time shut your expertise.
 Hanh Brown: Yeah, so so, can you tell us a little bit about your professional and personal background,
 Doctor Giulio: There I .. i i have been a digital the now.,
 Doctor Giulio: Ah, man., 
 Doctor Giulio: As a medical doctor and.,
 Doctor Giulio: One on Monday, major leaders, as is of the medical school, largely was quite understand all the biological aspect of our why we age we were by was particularly enticed by the sack data in the transition between the eighties and nineties.,
 Doctor Giulio: Are we were at the the say it across rule know better understanding what is actually medicine
 Doctor Giulio: Ah, that in general, we deliver our sleep care that we delivered to the general population and and standing there to in  the the geriatric medicine be own primarily on their journal to logical titles as evidence or that up physically the size of studying at the mechanism of aging 
 Doctor Giulio: In different species of mammals and that, A said, that are so basically idea of opportunity to join now these little Gerontology ah Los Angeles and now were hours earlier today, though my background in the into the mechanism algar its the produce.
 Doctor Giulio: Or mechanism of what, how and why actually we eat, and the one of the most important thing is also, ah, that that youre far, maybe even it is got the philosophical to the last for the discussion that we will have today.
 Doctor Giulio: I the thoughts and then eventually to join them on Sinai School of Medicine in New York, the where we were able to really to move on.,
 Doctor Giulio: And., 
 Doctor Giulio: Within do into the contest, the basically the real world, some of these struggles are information and data eventually will lead to what is maybe ah the concept of of the modern ah of modern geriatrics and how we eventually are going to be.,
 Doctor Giulio: Develop this conceptual framework over the mechanisms: a huge A to somebody that can be a therapeutic approach youre actually as a we will discuss today, maybe even a prevent these kind of initiative, So that is actually I worked on me of from the reason why, ah, I see after that .
 Doctor Giulio:This period, I started really to developers, are just as a neuroscientist, ah, the better are the best way of out to a degree that the this mechanism mechanism us to see the of why we age and maybe they are using is that a the model translation of study political application.,
 Doctor Giulio: Ah, to come up with an answer that actually AH is in some way a kind of a joint venture between June solid and geriatrics, the better understanding what I just said, The geriatric medicine that nevertheless actually was born in our is fusion or Mount Sinai with the first that Ah.,
 Doctor Giulio: With the first a text book on geriatric medicine, We were a thriving before subject are adults subject and the are at the instead of about our are good with, Did that we can call ah we do not want to use the term age and by the law the laid or actually lead last later would?,
 Doctor Giulio: Later would (ah) and actually moving on from there because I they get the trick been in an understanding of our population, Pretty good population, Those a we will discuss today, As we are gonna live longer our longevity, they need actually to be to you in a completely different manner from the medical and also from.,
 Doctor Giulio: The Ah into central point of view., 
 Hanh Brown: Ahm., Thank you, thank you so much so are the baby boomers living longer lives in a to successfully and using this as a result of our species evolution or an artifact of civilization, 
 Doctor Giulio: Well actually let me just ah major step back back to work on, I think there is a very important.
 Doctor Giulio:  kind of Im ah video teleporting ask for then we need to discuss it of course are is not my intentions are really to ah for a particular for this particular, are for this particular kind of our a semi, the rocks or discussion I didn’t see that is thus 
 Doctor Giulio: Looks like out a way of our a nice way to his change idea, ah, let me tell you that I didn’t want to really disscuss to a term over the over all evolutionary aspect of our how and how we got here listening to do stuff in them more of recent in term, our is more recent year.
 Doctor Giulio: Or if we can call them areas and year ah, Im we need to think about that, are Ah?
 Doctor Giulio: That.,
 Doctor Giulio: Bought, for example, ah human, the sheer ah did that the best.,
 Doctor Giulio: The in the.,
 Doctor Giulio: Our to leech feared the the best that common ancestor Ah as assess commerce, the the best Thomas ancestor with will too busy, for example, ah going back into for five four point five billion years ago ah then., 
 Doctor Giulio: As, I will explain how were gonna move on into the is kind of are closer framework of other, How were going to get to the evolution any of he eventually to the last Andretti years, actually were gonna make any kind of ten minutes fight them in, but a brief discussion of how we can interpret ? Ah how.
 Doctor Giulio: The age and the mechanism of aging are just a better understanding that in term of evolution.,
 Doctor Giulio: We actually an term of evolution in term of the pleasure of evolution put us on need not only just as humans are but also a different species, I AH plans., 
 Doctor Giulio: Fish are many at a different kind of I ah living organism in floating at unicellular ourselves, so basically if we have to go back or do you really do the entire class of the revolution we actually were to go back billions of years, so I saw that it is just a better understanding of?,
 Doctor Giulio: That is in some way how we got that the last and that a years so we would make a change of Java as.
 Doctor Giulio: As as a as a , what happened and why the evolution pressure AH brought us is where we are, and then it we will start that making big job or from a four point five million years ago to wow where we are, and that a we will better understand why we are actually confront again these days.,
 Doctor Giulio: Is one of their fundamental aspect of our, the process of the eventually would would define even a process of EG saw the basically the idea is that has been an extraordinary journey to the evolutionary process, as I said a four point five billion years ago a million years ago, ah, weve shared the best.
 Doctor Giulio: I fear that we add, ah, well, as a combination of chimpanzee and then something became our something actually became stronger, the now deny that about seven hundred thousand years ago, all there now, where now we have seen that the pressure all the revolution old., 
 Doctor Giulio: Added to or something that is, I still dont either one of the most of Israel or the not aspects of our process of evolution that these basic of the expansion of out the brain basically brain and his passion in particular, all of a city block cortex ah the is went back to basically moving to war.
 Doctor Giulio: The We\re saying today are going back out from the seven hundred thousand years.,
 Doctor Giulio: A goal we actually we start actually initiating to see I bought forty thousand years ago, ah the concept actually costs and a description both of from anthropologist and a maniac, a different kind of a biologists interested in that it this yielded that are the appearance.,
 Doctor Giulio: Or what the I became, the almost sap, yeah, its almost obvious from were actually we are we.
 Doctor Giulio: We\re we\re evolving is actually move on what happened and then they actually about even before the almost RPS, the armor, Neanderthal, the actually for which that is a very little understanding for the short period of time and then disappear every which are we ever know really major kind of an understanding.,
 Doctor Giulio: So what actually one just to say that the pressure of evolution lead us that the in some way are primarily?,
 Doctor Giulio: For are really.,
 Doctor Giulio: Adam Move on our way about one fundamental concept that is basically the concept of the best fit into the evolution is basically making us out one each other different each other and that is no one a single and in particular Im talking about that.
 Doctor Giulio: We were talking about that mammals and birds, but his his tools or in other countries is is true and save his toy an insect just to make us the really, very individual ah individual, the are defined one each other, so basically the idea.,
 Doctor Giulio: This is being the pleasure of evolution has been fundamental or because that AH for a natural selection or they survive all this piece is, AH, A was a very important that the these diversity was a stay very important, the I enter a mother and talk about my.,
 Doctor Giulio: And now for of mammals, but as I said of three ah and media other, I and many of these and other living species.,
 Doctor Giulio: So the bottom line is that the we got we got here, ah, primarily because our evolution devos from pressure physically contacted us in the last time billions of our media actually we started as I said from a four point five million years ago as., 
 Doctor Giulio: They are common sheer, aka, although Id just juniors is a common ancestor too busy, but nevertheless is something very important that the what is the fundamental answer lies I again at once as to where beat maybe twice, but is very important that we can be this in mind that the prices.
 Doctor Giulio: Evolution is basically santi did lead us that really to ah ever all these candidates are City ah that eventually allow us to really to branch on a candle differing direction and making Asa and promoting the scandal diversity ah this is based on our physiological featured ty., 
 Doctor Giulio: Ah, our interim over the war, use them that we were living in the last the median of years, AH, but the our evolution pressure, for example in the casa, thought a product is fitness, has been one of the fundamental aspect that for did it will do and actually for the continuation of our what on speech., 
 Doctor Giulio: Shes an event the last old this scandal design changes or data, a profound an hour for side and a what are you anti war of think about a real to get into the into the specific detail ended up of with us, something away about this concept of are basically the idea of the?
 Doctor Giulio: He says: Feef of all the are the sweetest that these basically is how ah of this kind of a promotion allowed l\a say I\m glad the is that treasure are that is., 
 Doctor Giulio: From Evolution lead us to relate to a select, a only certain kind of are only serve the kind of our species they were able to adapt into use them and to continue and evolution, and most important are giving us the opportunity to reproduce to.,
 Doctor Giulio: To move on and adding the candle reproductive fitness, the Dow allow us to see the into an environment that eventually lead us that now, AH, as I said, and Im making a lot of assumption need to these Ghana discussion for a reasonable time that leader to our our our to what were made this.
 Doctor Giulio: Cashin of today, by the all the all our listener need to keep in mind that who we are today is basically a process that it took me your name million a year with one slim, the main goal the car the., 
 Evolution pressure to make eyes as a in defeat wall that other one is decent and each other because they see were all together, we went all out similar in some way, it would be sufficient data a pandemic at were not gonna talk about it provides that I now or maybe a disease our may be a condition that that.
 Doctor Giulio: Angel, he would that make susceptible law most of us or maybe incapacity ah to promote the weather we consider reproductive fitness physically, our species will end up in basically in nowhere now this is tool for and mammals is my eyes do for our., 
 Doctor Giulio: Rodents as other form of mammals, but its also to a now, for example, in three is is.
 Doctor Giulio: For example, I we see added, answered that three that are leaving hello three the actually able to survive a labour thousand over yourself versus to either actually have a lifespan of about the is the or and that at years and we are, as I said, Im moving into allowed were last time that ready ears.
 Doctor Giulio: With his idea that now we move up from four point five million years ago in various, in a very, very superficial way to the last hundred years, now the concept now the evolution that were gonna talk about and the lot when our solar potential and as the fact of our civilization.
 Doctor Giulio: Anna Ah and also ah, we will discuss his out when we were move on ah the theories of aging the dealers of aging like can divide is that how actually., 
 Doctor Giulio: How we are., 
 Doctor Giulio: Ive been primarily why we are again, I get that why we are actually getting older, why that is this process of aging, and then again it is that how these are really have is delay gain a on is still again in one of the AH, lets see science.
 Doctor Giulio: That goes back into turmoil revolution to try to understand our the scandal thinks that I any to during our the dune, the place for move illusion that lead us as a select the in defeat was ah that actually reach the last time that with years so instead of really to discuss how we will discuss me.,
 Doctor Giulio: Ali, why and then why with that are why we are in the kind of our condition and then maybe we will understand the civil and during our discussion ah the concept, the concept that that may be Bob we are still maybe in the process of.,
 Doctor Giulio: That is no question about and the even eyes as a human beings, even if we went through the scandal for up price of evolution, ah, for AH, be played a leading into the AH into the our best sit as I, the best fit for our survival as I.,
 Doctor Giulio: Finally said before the survival of the seat this on Ah., 
 Doctor Giulio: Go out and still law that out the were you in books that very thing written are to identify what is actually the concept of this carso revolution are allow and is kind of ah ah ah living.
 Doctor Giulio: Living in speaker for human human beings are Anna and that we can see, for example, our differences are really.,
 Doctor Giulio: Our many.,
 Doctor Giulio: Drawbacks as and some would say it., 
 Doctor Giulio: Wow a lost a less kind of our potential, we have a compared to other kind of other on may, most for examples are a said that I said, so basically just the is ah just to move I consistently ah to not to look the track of our word discussion today, basically I explained., 
 Doctor Giulio: Do you why a balloon revolution pleasure is basically brought us to the last er, andre years are considering a at the agriculture or these actually very important couple think I get a catcher techniques that allowed to form a certain kind of those societies, AH?,
 Doctor Giulio:The back at ten to twelve thousand years and then eventually difference for a mobile society are going back to five thousand years ago, so on and cspan the so mirror, for example, of the scene is ah same as is actually wow where the first das war mulva.,
 About we all a society that and then adjust to give a break of from Flew by and four point five million years ago from too busy to today, now are we can actually start talking about the what is happening in the last hour and a dears I will actually make to state been here and that to leave., 
 Doctor Giulio: Very important AH data, as I said, that we are a continue evolution, my baby and a kind of different ways, so, for example, AH the when I remember that when them to do some of our were ideas over how better to deliver this guy., 
 Doctor Giulio: Kind of ah, ah, theres better deliver these this kind of discussion on, I suggested that it was a A again in a womans not even at him and Alaska and ready years ah, a kind of our our be too important fact, as I said before the evolution ah of our.
 Doctor Giulio: Our species in the last and that eight years and then the fact of these civilisations that that are that is no question about our will open a lot of discussion as a week or that so basically just as an example of that evolution of Ah ha., 
 Doctor Giulio: I we can call brain evolution in the last, that and the last, the last, and that of years out that are that aware app in to me.,
 Doctor Giulio: But disappeared and actually have been witnessing his dream at a very interesting study is a particular due to the fact that the other civilizations where we need also to think about in the last time that eight years probably technological and science, math and then innovation in the way Halloween., 
 Doctor Giulio: Youre black or how we understand the mechanism.
 Doctor Giulio: Allowed us, for example, are to understand data, for example, in Yangtee Individual, for example, that is a kind of an expansion of auditory cortex that actually connectivity stronger with law., 
 Doctor Giulio: With it as although motivation brain region of motivation, this is actually a put them in perspective of that is, even as of, we moved on from of those four point five million, two hundred eighty years to the last time that eight years were still probably due to technological advancement of we are cute.
 Doctor Giulio: People really to identify that, ah, this idea of are moving into these kinds of our a imaging technique, auditory, a motivational a expansion means that actually are young generation will be able lot probably to become more independent as much as actual we were are as it.,
 Doctor Giulio: Baby boomers in a way ah the way or that how were capable to perceive Ah and that are a big science in that in term of this perception and see a signaling transduction it and how the brain and both emotional lie.
 Doctor Giulio: Well, as many other different region did, I dont want to get into the his cartoon physically, put us into something that the we were not even a safety or maybe a hundred years ago, so that is actually when I discussed with you the concept of evolution of the last time that it years just to say that it despite.
 Doctor Giulio: The fact of the pleasure delusion is keeping blessing to keep this kind of diversity to ramify to branching out even is individuals in mammals because a we need to maintain our own individuality is also very important and that is actually still going on but the., 
 It is something Dallas said that is now why we are getting older and now is planning on may be how are these concept album?,
 Doctor Giulio: As I said of.,
 Doctor Giulio: Nause fact of civilization is the fact that we need to keep in mind that adjusting nineteen twenty eight were going back.
 Doctor Giulio: Are we are going back or less than a sanctuary ah, and when slimming activities for antibiotics, ah, we have our our, we have revolutionized the our way of our out to move on whereby the concept of our ah vast?,
 Doctor Giulio: Survival and we will talk about the longevity mortality rate, AH, but then was one of a wild, the example the other, and I think youre one of the most important things to keep in mind also the idea of the a gene I gene that is that the last sixty years as sixty years that made us.
 Doctor Giulio: As completely different kind of are human beings if I can call now human being says, actually, we move on from all is, and then well make compared his unto others pieces, for example, how were gonna live longer and ah, and this is the fundamental part because I.
 Doctor Giulio: Jean Ah discovery is a technological advancement: The innovation thats actually is a A spool nationally are moving forward, give us the opportunity to understand why and not Im gonna go back to the how why were basically living longer.
 Doctor Giulio: What are may be the reason why we are living longer and atheist living longer and longevity is may be something ah something that., 
 Doctor Giulio: We can explain a one and I stop your and and I dont allow you to move on from there, the concept is only three things that actually were eventually well will discuss as we move on getting older is not necessarily a bad sex, basically good things that are.
 Doctor Giulio: Am irrelevant aspect of our process of energy and then also there are I didnt want to use a catastrophic about also that oughta very detrimental aspect of aging and down from year we can actually move on because I think that our world yes need to understand that theyre there for by an eighty.
 Doctor Giulio: Clay repeat in the last a billions of years and I just told you from up the common isis or of four point five million years and to today is been in a constant the process of evolution for our preserving our with pieces ah whereby the idea of., 
 Doctor Giulio: Or bloody in the best fit, basically, they are basically the what I just I told you before and basically the the concept of the survivor law, the seat this and and., 
 Doctor Giulio: And now were all here and there we are all diverse, a dead is actually one of the most important things, ah, and know, ah, we can move on and understanding our after this kind of our premises but was most fundamental that everybody need to understand.
 Doctor Giulio: Why were old defined and why we are a year and whether the consequences and if were continue to move on with his kind, the process of evolution.
 Hanh Brown: Gray Gray, thank you so my cell thank you for elaborating the evolution of the artifact of civilization, I would like to take a little paws and just acknowledge our guess Ill call and cancel my from joining Ted All will be will be more pam stabbed thank you and Adriana from Portugal.
 Hanh Brown: Brad are strong from Cornell Neurology Linda Hard from Texas, hello George Parros, how are you all enjoy been up in Georgia?,
 Hanh Brown: Hope you doing well charge Ill call on Mark Sarah, get to feel okay, thank you so much for folks that are in on Im gonna move on to the next half a car.
 Hanh Brown: The questions that I have, you know, his children, we cant wait to grow up, we cant wait to be able to drive vote, drink, we cant wait to move out of our parents houses and start our allies.
 Hanh Brown: But then suddenly reach a certain age and we start to long for the days when we were young and carefree research to see the effects of aging, wrinkles, grey hair and aching joints, and we begin to worry about our health and whether we will be able to enjoy our retirement years and we start to wonder if there is anything that we can do to slow down the., 
 Hanh Brown: A process of aging.,
 Doctor Giulio: I actually.,
 Doctor Giulio: In the Giuliani prepared the last sentence of From Our The Long Love, the Short term or Ah I\m not even one one are not evolution, a class a bird dog I tried it and says are justice for our audience
 as I said before age.,
 Doctor Giulio: News.,
 Doctor Giulio: Is a combination of something that is inevitable, something that is?,
 Doctor Giulio: Negligible or something has been a good keep in mind that the AHA, a toddler that is gonna learn how to speak, is basically getting older., 
 Doctor Giulio: And as we move on in there in the others would order later stage or other two adults would ah civil thinks actually to happen, so theres a fundamental question a year, I mean, if, for example, Navy to war is in a negligible.
 Doctor Giulio: Theres a A.
 Doctor Giulio: A concept that there may be as a process of aging as or at least as a because Im experiencing you personally add that it may be a negligible as awesome as a week you grow older, we actually develop I get a year so well that is actually in that one hour is is.
 Doctor Giulio: Something that a process of a gym, but not necessarily one of those up most important things, ah, that is, I dont think there is a lot of confusion in terms of what the largely is the concept of aging the console the aging is is been user interchangeable, a with many out of these any kind of.
 Doctor Giulio: Fuck are many other kind of the think Ill have ass, but by the fundamental part that that every word of us and need to keep in mind that aging and none necessarily is that is a is a doom day is actually is not really the beginning of the and ah what the is the fundamental part and that.
 Doctor Giulio: Actually was big good, and to I remember was out one or your person actually that part the if the agent optional, ah, well, the disaster actually we need to differentiate aging from Sydney assets, which is basically a fundamental part of for and the standard the biology of aging as., 
 Doctor Giulio: I actually are.,
 Doctor Giulio: Anna, ah, I will explain little be better would actually the class of us in a sense of Vs may be.,
 Doctor Giulio: What is the concept of EG our, as I said before all of us are, were basically diverse, that are we cannot generalize that they get in order means actually to get sick eyes, actually were we have a wonderful example of Cincinnati and order now all about people in the nineties of that?
 Doctor Giulio: Sure, they still reform eyes for Emily well and dead on now in in this year of art in the field of a while, the in many different think so the or for EG is not a basically, ah, what we need to consider a disease is actually the concept of the said nice.,
 Doctor Giulio: The because of though this innocence is basically any biological sense is basically the idea that that are we at each a during this process of a junior assisting kind of our condition that physically organs are basically become less are lazy to and and that being a lesser is it.,
 Doctor Giulio: Yeah, does not keep Ebola anymore to respond to do whatever are going to be does mechanism by aging did eventually we would discuss the later and is functioning ah at., 
 Doctor Giulio: Im function a basically ah ah at that it you use days over actually get damage, and we need also to think about data while it may be other that are negligible form of us, in essence of that there may be doesnt do not interfere on our our planet life that is know.
 Doctor Giulio: Question about that, we need to keep in mind that that the brain and the particular the heart of the cardiovascular system er en parte de aza, they either one of the most important kind of our organ, doctor Lee, we need to Cuba and their withdraw and now we will talk about that.,
 Doctor Giulio: Ah, how weve from the medical point of view we will be able to really to AH good a to prevent or actually to promote and to promote to the bottom line is basically that our brain cells once theyre gone the actually naughty to running anymore except a few evidence of that the science has suggested.
 That may be that are saying kind of up in a potential I pluripotent cells, even the brain that actually generate new laws, ah, this is something that is the remaining you still on the laboratory badge, AH, and the translation of study I was still really movie on a budget, this is a very exciting news.,
 Doctor Giulio: Nevertheless, at the heart, as they say, and say, once that the heart is really losing some kind, those are ah losing ourselves basically, I youre not Robbie function that actually are important to really have a the less ventricle to really to bring into the circulation oxygenation of.
 Doctor Giulio: Vol. I work in may lead to certain kind of a potential damage is that the actually consequences actually as the spread of consequences of IBooks such an Asian last ah less.,
 Doctor Giulio: Ah, or less way of our these order and may eventually.,
 Doctor Giulio: Male he acted become, it is easier to become more susceptible in general, all our to the kind of U.S. factors that eventually well well discuss that why the hell out of some with Clifton Mechanism that eventually as celebrate this process, one important thing closer to keep in mind is that, AH.
 Doctor Giulio: And then is supposed to be.,
 Doctor Giulio: As a mechanic color or is no you in mechanical, but you an important thanks.,
 Doctor Giulio: To keep in mind is that.,
 Doctor Giulio:A stilettos is is actually one of the fundamental part, so if we are not going to Alba, if were not going to have the opportunity to really to deliver ah the nutrients are actually to deliver ah oxygen, not actually to deliver anything that is necessary to the survival and then a good the house on Weibo.
 Doctor Giulio: And basically we\re going I turning into a candle condition that can initiate this process office in a sense, so if we want just to generalize, and in some way people use even the easternmost a cesspool aging vs answer says, All aging nevertheless, businesses will aging is some.,
 Doctor Giulio: The answer: all aging is basically the process of really accumulating, AH, because er well diverse and based on the evolutionary aspirated, I just told you before and the because were all different, not necessarily this is a genius, a universal AH is a universal kind of us a nominee and did he is.
 Doctor Giulio: Not and that, and also into the term, was in a sense that are not all the people began senescence are now or even compare of, for example, line among these species are human leaves, I the age of ninety average speaking, and now we living longer or shorter., 
 Doctor Giulio: And the the chances are that develop Alzheimers disease outta actually starting on the data incidents and percent their percentage of up potential on of the disease that the initiated the the age of sixty five, so basically before sixty five of the incidents eyes basically two percent of for so.
 Doctor Giulio: Think either be a junior at the of that disorder, in particular time, a disease in the past sixty five and the eighty basically the are proportion of us subject of with neurodegenerative disorder, in particular time it is, is skyrocket actually to twenty five ah much chimpanzee, for example I., 
 Doctor Giulio: They leave the an age of duty and the also they sure potentially incidence of our our other sign of Alzheimer disease that for many other deepening calories, and you do you think either organism metabolism game they share us five point six million years, but hes also very important to keep in mind that?
 Doctor Giulio: Ah, keep in mind that that are several other factors many people and then well talk that later and as I have done before our will anticipate what is basically the subject of our potential about on communication year, our discussion so bad that almighty brain injury Im invite.
 Doctor Giulio: Oh, of factors that eventually well well discuss that later, that other a missing an amount of our AH as a dancer, for example from the same species of, for example.
 Doctor Giulio: For example, there are very good evidence that the and we will talk about, for example, for as AH and that not to divergence from that he of war that for the studied actually we are you this guess now that, for example, Salomon Ah, for example, in the Pacific Ah, they have a much larger are.,
 Doctor Giulio: Then add that actually this out mana that actually into the Pacific, the reason is because are spawning of for asylum in a tool to see his magic and of easier assad ah reproductive mar ah., 
 Doctor Giulio: Are allowed to a a much faster., 
 Doctor Giulio: Its a Satanist compare, for example, do the summer the Pacific where they actually the I to love roll over a reverse and the all this kind of a dynamic of our or a production for this kind of ah ah.
 Doctor Giulio: Cancer, the at a productive sweetness that the involve this kind of are conditioned leader these animals, for example, to way an enormous amount of ties corticosteroids that actually, while corticosteroids we, of course, these old Iand will as corticosteroids leader to certain callow damages and that.
 Doctor Giulio: A huge amount of evidence and that will potentially to discuss later this and on our class and that and the potential law or Mahnaz or stress at the AHA in some way AH Salmond actually spoiling and spoiling our in in the Atlantic, actually.,
 Doctor Giulio: They leave aside times longer than actually are, they they have a into the Pacific Salmon, also another video: Simple Things That Are Are, and I want to bring these days or because that is not only as a human being
 said: I getting an older and that the mic and is of aging, but are doing this kind of comparative analysis, we will either even a better perspective.,
 Doctor Giulio: So, for example, Annie be on be ah.,
 Doctor Giulio: Ah, the advice, for example, queens that actually ah major role is basically the allies leg always for this of reproductive fitness, want the best fit physical daily of longer at least five ten years, the that actually drones the actually they ever really do.,
 Doctor Giulio: You are, they have a completely different kind of work to do actually to bring guy and that support that with Florida AH for the survival, AH, this piece is now of we know that mechanical damages, for example, a nanny be is one out by we can compare, for example, to traumatic.,
 Doctor Giulio: Injury that that basically lead the do these scandals pieces really to live longer to leave actually much shorter lives even he warms that other studies that were identified, for example, that are a single mutation is been able really to will make a diverse have any side in different kind of.,
 Doctor Giulio: Wrongs that actually care survivor or a eventually die at that I was a is samina worker ah where ah ah?,
 Doctor Giulio: He would actually theres been a do this by h one that that is basically the major kind of gino susceptibility ah in warm and now odd that is also identify even a been age one a fundamental doing it actually make cost of living longer so we can we can learn from.
 Doctor Giulio: Salmond: We can live last week and learn from Annie the weekend learn from warm, we can actually understand, even they warm understand the long term, put the fusion that is basically a physiologic or characteristics of a cognitive of our a memory function as been actually developer Im from a C.L. against acted as a warm.
 Doctor Giulio: That was found in Central Park, a New York so odious just to give you an idea that a we are always in the same boat now why the Sphinx at Penn and Die we could talk about the theories of aging why, but may be ah Im.
 Doctor Giulio: During the day, you are going to be very curious to see how these eventually of I slacked it into that he on war of and getting to the real subject of the baby boomer, the actually baby boomer lack I am at the baby boomer, one baby boomer duty people actually that I, if I remember correctly, is basically the age of.,
 Doctor Giulio: By Ah from my seekers or a sixty four hours from the fifty two, this useless to sixty four and then that do sixty five to seventy, and also the most important things that actually the baby boomer now, the adding countering one of the fundamental probably, yeah., 
 Doctor Giulio: The problem you have for the first time, of course, I will call course of with different caliber I kept at a different kettle aspects, but actually these are the population that that are now and a big financial been decent economic condition, the war that moyle old is these an insects that actually the are gonna.,
 Doctor Giulio: Going into the process of at a time and and that from here that out problem, the Ah, despite all the kind of philosophical aspect of with discuss so far, now were really need to move on a to their of more than try to see what we learn from the patch that and how we can move on not only for the baby boomer but the be lenny.
 Doctor Giulio: Degeneration I did you as at A said that I said it right, so thats land that the upcoming we have about gas twelve minutes sell, we get many questions I just want to touch on some of the highlighting, I appreciate your ex my teeth into so well for that depth of explanation for you provide I want to touch on.
 Hanh Brown: Brain resilience as humans were constantly in pursuit of happiness and fulfillment, we try different phones and order to find what works for us and people develop a personal mission statement, others cultivate a circle of support from home owners, get physical actor, but what about the things that we dont think about things that are?
 Hanh Brown: Our automatic for us like laughing., 
 Hanh Brown: Finding humor inevitable live are things that we would rather not think about, like stress management, all these things are important for our over all while ball in play a role in our biological agent so.,
 Hanh Brown: One, our most important factors, as you mention of the brain resilience to can you elaborate brain resilience and how that helps with biological eating., 
 Doctor Giulio: Bigger important question, and then, a these days since twenty years ago, we initiated one program on agents in that, in our institution, now resilience is actually use their Florida zealands on the market, ah, on the stock market, the D.C. into your car and the tires allergies.
 Gather these of it now, the Conservatives agencies busy the capacity are and again ah into the the entering the read what kind of our responses ah to try to cope., 
 Doctor Giulio: Two condition that can be stressful condition and, ah, ah, my starting from my and in a nutshell stuff, the him from Mark ah experimental model we have seen that even a inbred my is that are all identical, so the I basically not necessarily of slacked., 
 Doctor Giulio: You know what is happening a to the human ah, we actually we can identify anymore, they can become a susceptible on actually a resilient now this is actually and term one of the fundamental aspect of our ah our what is may be our answer in a nutshell also to your one question., 
 Doctor Giulio: Now.,
 Doctor Giulio: Our data.,
 Doctor Giulio: Ah, stress is busy, good one of the fundamental part mental else, ah, where we can find a piece of way of us know how we can actually promote the resilience of such sustain our quality of life I can improve now that is not a magic bullet, the anymore model actually suggested that indeed a.,
 Doctor Giulio: And as far as you can actually can accumulate not only just the stressful condition as the see the to the that hes on a new system but actually lead to a huge amount of potential changes in the central sees them as this year, the to inflamatory cascade is now inflammation in immune inflammatory this.
 Doctor Giulio: Bosses are actually very important to keep our land at these circumstances of a year so the concept of their resilience in terms of surprise is also very important by that to give you a gin up his back, the of our our about what is being there, ah, a kind of our ah.,
 Doctor Giulio: Documentation actor to they a paper, a report ah that from the Lancet Commission that the always a user in that in my A my presentation residences is, I always to be seen as something on a attic were basically ah.,
 Doctor Giulio: I gotta possibility is that are the ones are we became so divergent human and that we are now in the process of aging now we are, were were basically, since we were born, now we are actually supposed to certain kind of condition that eventually will lead to out for I assess little aging and eventually.
 Doctor Giulio: To prevent some kind of our AHa what I just said before us and they sent AH they basically the disease over the organ that eventually lead to a potentially at is mortality, AH although of mortality even in these last days is very difficult to calculate in the last two three and that he has because we dont have a the day.
 Doctor Giulio: But actually, lists of try to remain to today is a very important to be mind that we have Ah Ah is become very clear, for example, that sixty five percent of the factors in theyre actually got are confronting in our lives are basically are irreversible now the question did the.
 Doctor Giulio: Flexible sixty five percent is because that is think fellow genetic match genetic aspirin that are may be segregated into these gallo population in our population and thirty five percent actually factor they can be preventable those a capacity to cope with this kind of., 
 Doctor Giulio: The building a the is preventable ah risk factor they can now isolated aging you and then eventually are celebrating a genius sansa that of the weekend and up into the process of our of us in a sense of this to emily very important, I just names you and footing.
 Doctor Giulio: Sample and that these it was something extremely important for our own community for the baby boomer, loneliness or that I I started there was, AH, I thought it was an extremely kind of very interesting factors, AH is a is plane importer all on that on mental health and dicks.,
 Doctor Giulio: Pass it to to be an easy answer: a games that these scandals condition loneliness, or, for example, ah, even in term of tribal answer is basically a courts in Japan or of courses are much less than the United States, just because of we either that we have one tenth of the popular.,
 Doctor Giulio: Asian into the into the in Japan versus the US by the incidence of there actually is the number of Ukase is that diesel I I did it to the number of cases that that were at already in process is basically is a basically twice as much is is not three times the.,
 Doctor Giulio: That is actually a societal kind of changes, ah, I just mention loneliness, but actually one of the top priority quality of life we will not as time to really to get into the maybe the the cause of och the your logic, a our biological aging by the lifestyles and dietary lifestyle., 
 Doctor Giulio: Wild are in these days a fundamental part we actually see, for example, a the AHA, for example, in India, just to have an idea that quality of life starts in term of dietary lifestyle lead to an endemic diabetes, theres eventually will I will on consequences intro metabolic syndrome.
 Doctor Giulio: The actually more complex cow disease, diabetes, obesity are overweight i of tension, hyperglycemia, I just kind of these and of thanks, but if this is exaggerated into the are into the I kind of off demographic changes that actually our part of our ah of our changing world., 
 Doctor Giulio: A our our, it is something also there we need to keep in mind even in our own society, AH and die is.,
 Doctor Giulio: A society any particular and die in that in North America and western in and and then Europe this is actually a is ah a a continuous kind of our ah hammering on to the population that if we are not gonna spend our own time of a now.,
 Doctor Giulio: A developing all all our lifestyle with exercise with a better diet, where we\re better lifestyle, a by the way of our integrate with people that actually I need to promote our our, to avoid loneliness, ah, to prevent diabetes and all the scandal.,
 Doctor Giulio: Im things we are doing math to basically to get into the process of aging and not only the process of aging, but actually the process of aging that actually cut out that eyes there by senescence I want also to tell you once and a might be appear maybe Im wrong, but I think is actually not act and or wrong you can be so NASA.
 Dad, the age of thirty or you can be actually says little aging a the age on nineties and is only the panda bears on.,
 Doctor Giulio: Based on your question that is optional is depending the US now for how much ownership you wanna talk on the choices you make, Da Da all to have healthy lifestyle right sell when of optional to me that me you had happy empowerment to determine the direction and., 
 Hanh Brown: How youre going to old I want to take a little paws I want to let folks know, thought linked and sometimes will cut us off in one hour if thats the case I apologize will continue to have this conference ancient past one hour solstice stay with as but if it was connects, I have to apologize ahead of time.
 Hanh Brown: So I wholeheartedly appreciate your thoughts, your expertise and adapt that youre explaining and this.
 Hanh Brown: So I wanted to ask about whether or not the millennials on the Generation X will experience successful aging, I mean, thats a very captivating topic over the next two decades, the majority of us will be entering into a golden years.
 Hanh Brown: So what does that mean for those who are currently in their twenties and thirties will you be, but I say healthy and active will you be but or for the life to live comfortably as you get older?, 
 Hanh Brown: This is something you know we are be talking about our and these Im very excited to have that discussion here in my opinion, having gone through it and fifty five, I believe that if we take care of ourselves now, twenty thirty fifty five, we can definitely have successfully eating experience.
 Hanh Brown: And its going to take a lot of work, commitment, consistency and support right will need to make sure that we still physically active, eat healthy people, get enough sleep, monitor stress level challenge, my with new activities, keep learning and growing this conversation in preparation for this I have.
 Hanh Brown: To learn a lot I had to do a lot of research on that drives me and out of this conversation I feel like I\m even going to be more empowered to make better choices.,
 Hanh Brown: And also connect with your spiritual side, express yourself creatively, take care of your financial hell that huge has many of us.,
 Hanh Brown: Many baby boomers are on a fixed income so to have that financial preparation for a long term care, for instance, his hands so the possibilities are endless, so I guess in your opinion successful, eight, what is that look like for millennials and generation X theres no question about the as a we move on and with technologic?
 Doctor Giulio: Youll advances and innovation in our world way Ill to detect a disease and make prevention ah and.
 Doctor Giulio:And a new discoveries that are we still dont know is a is a fundamental part I spanked at the generation x millennial already ah eventually the generation to generation.
 Doctor Giulio: Elsa off day with Bet definitely benefit on the conceptual framework that I years Blacks Apple (O. J.), that the maybe I spent too much time of that, but it that kind of framework of what are we are going, were were coming from where we are going, but is a fundamental part of that the is, a indeed, these new generation will basically recapitalize.
 Doctor Giulio: On our what state and they will understand exactly what are you are saying, the fundamental part of them we did not touch, for example the concept of aging and successful aging email and see me out now, love, for example, be for some reason, ah, anybody a judge fat, it actually is welcome them., 
 Doctor Giulio: Court with me to Sarah Bill this subject the way, but Im a disease I actually see male that are actually very good example, lot of there are very good example that will good example, very eyes science that actually is is I is undergoing to better understand why you see me Ill actually ah of ways.
 Doctor Giulio: Email: The actually they\re more kind of susceptible to the scandal condition, thought well as that is that definitely no question about that, the the idea is that., 
 Doctor Giulio: Ah, sex sex genes that actually women that he accepts genes ah and actually has been sound gene or versus the ability, for example, of one Allison Janney, the TDMA, as six a. has been found of really a potential associated to the onset of., 
 Doctor Giulio: Alzheimer\s disease and see me out in a huge initially sullivan sadiqul nyse with this kind of very important aspect: the not only the Alzheimer\s disease, but he is actually I were on that as it is our our own.,
 Doctor Giulio: Is that as a scientist and as a citizen and?, 
 Doctor Giulio: We need to outdo each and a much more calories a day in and women are women are not only just a the sex point of view, sex acts and always are related to the sex have a production but also to understand the potential mechanism by a woman as a gender they actually participating into the., 
 Doctor Giulio: A different kind of environmental factors are now is also very true that are a color jean susceptibility a bully pulpit old it easy for is actually a very important hours for a potential prevention and understanding why the potential role of these are to syrup the population of this email into., 
 Doctor Giulio: These kind of our disease so many kind of our a lazy, the aspect is very important and again as if you said as we move on into the population that eventually ah will sooner or later getting retire that theyre gonna break out of there will be at Bank of and see are made.
 Doctor Giulio: He care we have to start thinking about it is a cold logic, got kind of a a baby boomer kind of our approach for technological advances is need to take care of themselves or to try to identify community is avoided the seas the senior living and may be entering., 
 Doctor Giulio: The major community and this also is very important because in this kind of community ah even were var even if in two thousand and thirty probably that I would be no money for the Ah to pay Medicare videos physically exercise leap ah maintain A., 
 Doctor Giulio: Rain ah, and then now and theyre not to keep track lying to the preventively be initiative that the that may be based on data on past life, and now I want also today, youll, and its really important candle sack to they may open even another kind, very important cuddle that and new.
 Oh, Ive and you have investigation is that the last commission adjuster came out in addition to the his holiness as dumb as ah juvenile diabetes, the actually can promote eventually cognitive deterioration later are energy and through mechanism as us it into a pigeon, it actually included and vital.
 Doctor Giulio: A lot pollution is a a better way to pollution is our time, the disease is one of the top, ah yes, the kind of a potential ally impact I know
 a George Patty, ah the editor in chief, a new JD A will: I have a special edition, there are one of our and bull connor time it disease.,
 Doctor Giulio: Is that will be a fundamental law of for the people to read in the I would be present at the next year and I will open a new kind of environment kind of a new avenues of our research because I together we whatever he is that there are worried that is the mechanism it to get old?,
 Doctor Giulio: And how the brain resilient in some way, as I said before, resilient of actually the Vs this susceptible is the way how inflammatory mechanism in the brain are able to counteract the some of the scandal voc condition that can prevent, for example, opening of the blood brain barrier a down., 
 Doctor Giulio: Thing, immune inflammatory responses a in the brain, all the scandal different things actually a very important and if we understand and indeed that this is the evidence that the environmental toxic and that there are capable to put a mod ah cascade of event at it and in some way out unprecedented in served., 
 Doctor Giulio: I sit and stand ah environmental disaster it is actually completed define story, but nevertheless into the modern society.,
 Doctor Giulio: We need to think about data that will be also how the brain it can become resilient, how is going to be Qaeda and well men and the bottom line is always a through exercise, dietary lifestyles engage in the as much as possible and suicidal and.,
 Discussion even be your neighbor knowing that your neighbor is actually., 
 Doctor Giulio: In in that is, I experienced loneliness, I try to help his actual is very good to you, as well as a to the other one, a very important other factors, the that that we need to consider that in general, I see me out that actually our ever higher incidence of Alzheimers disease also.
 Doctor Giulio: Ever probably higher, and the is not very clear higher incidence of mortality, who are gonna take care of all lies in the next twenty thirty years if we dont have a caregiver studies that back to them and Sinai, you suggested the, for example, the key and diverse out up our abs.
 Doctor Giulio: Really high, much lower risk for developing dementia compare, for example, to are., 
 Doctor Giulio: Cooper to subject a way of a demented itself, it may appear strange to you may be an indoor dull, but if we keep going on in this way I can tell you that basically ah the best care giver ah probably the best caregiver for a people are of that worried your baby boom.,
 Doctor Giulio: Omer that eventually will develop Alzheimers disease or to be I worked at answer that basically they were of this a viable of the best fit into the evolutionary process that actually we discussed it from the beginning because I did appear strange, A may be ridiculous, but that is exactly what the we are facing A.
 Doctor Giulio: A to be our next to twenty years and awfully I in two thousand and twenty three, we will either the opportunity to support Medicare because are we are talking about people data, ah, I will not be able realities to port that extra two thousand, three thousand now cost a lot of AH.,
 Doctor Giulio: Other medication and that AH and the support AH as we move on., 
 Doctor Giulio: Two thousand and twenty three and after two thousand, thirty three probably bill would be not even that kind of month dual sport.,
 Hanh Brown: Wow, thank you for this conversation, can be a whole college course in all, and here I told Anthony., 
 Doctor Giulio: Isla, I know whether you went up, I have to be honest there when I when it were the use that as floor for the isnt me for our good platform, us and me a kind of are actually this to be the synopsis of that, maybe I sometimes Id J. R. I. T. J. Semina course.
 Doctor Giulio: This would be actually the beginning, I maybe I got here, I used to give me a retard.,
 Doctor Giulio: Something has been a really of phenomenon kind of our way of our to really these gas and Im sure that that as a lot of the audience over here and that will say well done to preserve as been superficial in some way or the other he didnt give the exact the idea I was not may be distorted a little bit.
 Doctor Giulio: Please forgive me, I tried to duel Ah, a what I think it was the best for the general audience and for the people that need to understand the fundamental role where we are coming from and where we end up to be if we dont understand we are coming from a we will never really understand where were going to be beat.
 Doctor Giulio: Cause that nature is still up and do I putting pressure on us to become more diverse, be a productive.
 Doctor Giulio: More as much of a productive love to the promotion or these pieces and possibly maybe where this kind of a technological advances in a better understanding of the biology of EG and most important thing the kinds, though, isnt it since we will be able to leave our AH will have to leave?
 Doctor Giulio: Maybe I as much as actually we want Ill last one thing that I would just tell you are that is something if we actually looking at the mortality rate of the best the age of to leave that is basically at the age of puberty, basically zero point, zero point, zero point, zero point, zero point, five percent.
 Doctor Giulio: Is basically the mortality rate at the age of are either, and during puberty, so basically one over two dollars and subject eventually die if we actually move on to our if we move on and ah a flower we move on a to the age on ninety and then we were., 
 Doctor Giulio: We know that actually the incidents is basically a at the age of ninety now is basically sixty percent, but for a moment in ideal ward if we\re continue to experience or the mortality rate I\d the puberty and then now we\re extrapolate., 
 Doctor Giulio: These, when considering the event that trick to raid of actually the evolution, I allow the age that we move forward, we basically away their kind of rate of mortality we will be able to live as the age of twelve hundred, I dont know if this is exactly what we want to do, so that is all.
 Doctor Giulio: We something in between, I think, as understand, these innocent understand be the difference between successful aging and a pathological aging that is basically senescence aura the lack of a capacitive of Oregon to become Brazilian and how the brain eventually well be able to up psychological mechanism.
 Doctor Giulio: And then communicate of with the museum them the idea that the got, for example, communicate with immune system and the brain open the old this kind of a new area, how the gut microbiome that is still a very, very early kind of our, I would say, Moleola and.,
 Doctor Giulio: A more is not more than ours has been no for a long time, but actually is that is is too early to really to make and anticipate that we will ever been if he shall I sat from a matter of by on, although there are very good evidence, even and for exam, yeah, and theres the sickest as it meant a and microbiome that can influence beneficial effect.
 Doctor Giulio: The the new see spin into briefly and the remember seventy percent of our were immune system actually guy is easy and got, and then if we blew the gods and then that always going back to do mad that modify boasted factor exact size, a diet that they can promote him microbiome, it basically having to go.,
 Doctor Giulio: Got that Iso they can promote battery me immunological, his pants that can eventually prevent even some kind of a daughter ah stressful conditions that may be ah.
 Doctor Giulio: Lead to send kind of our ah changes in the brain opened the but brain barrier ah possibilities are all penetration in petty vascular region of the above, the brain of inflammatory degenerate thought he sells AH., 
 Doctor Giulio: Well, I think this is actually as a part of the brain is actually what we can see the resilience, how many at a CDM brain and we have well mean actually I think is is much easier than any thanks I can tell youre East, youre gonna go and do exercise, you change the diet, and then youre gonna.
 Doctor Giulio: Are you adopt a kind of our ah adopt a kind of up quality of life where you are, youre not gonna sink only just for yourself, but actually youre gonna help or for your own neighbor ah the understanding data the loneliness actually, as I said before I dont need a need?
 Doctor Giulio: Support that to the caregiver, yeah, basically, by as I said before, even a higher risk for the major, I think it is actually the message your father resilience as a we become president, only not only the brain the brain is basically just a way out to tell us out to resign our own beer., 
 Doctor Giulio: Youre now movie gone, including myself into one and very different phase or difficult, buy a new journey of our life, ah, actually, I was thinking about that once Im gonna maybe I will continue to be a scientist and the ally on that and twenty by I think my passion is to become.
 Doctor Giulio: In Airlines Pilot and and May on that in twenty fr ah., 
 Doctor Giulio: Five hundred and twenty, some company or gonna hired me, ah, maybe an hour were going to have another one and when Im gonna be hundred and twenty, but youre gonna steal their little girl.
 Doctor Giulio: Nevertheless, yeah, wow thank you, thank you so much for your passion in your debt, Colson, in your service to the truth., 
 Hanh Brown: You know, students and staff and for people like myself because we all want to live as long as possible with the most quality of life, and you know aging is something that we ought to go through and theres no need for it to be as difficult as it often as and as you mention, scientists are always learning more about biology of aging and were learn.
 Hanh Brown: More and more every day how we can influence our own aging process, as you mention the brain, is a huge part of this process, as and as you mentioned again, the brain may be the single most important factor in determining how quickly we old biologically, but this is a mean that aging is inevitable., 
 Hanh Brown: All it means that we have a lot of power to control how well it simply by making healthy choices in our life, so this is good news for the baby boomers who are unthinkingly and also four digit millennial generation acts and generation or, as absolutely, because, you know, baby boomers are doing everything they can., 
 Hanh Brown: Stay healthy and active, I say, eight and is good, just like you said, Millennial Generation X: They\re gonna continue to enjoy success for aging as well into their golden years, so what does that mean for us, well, it means that we can take charge of our health and our futures and that is something worth celebrating, so thank you so much.,
 Hanh Brown: I appreciate your time and your passion and now, until next time, take care and save your for of him, you absolutely., 
 Hanh Brown: Thank you for listening to another episode of the Boomerang Living broadcast: I know you have a lot of options when it comes to podcast and I\m grateful that you\ve chosen this one, please share this podcast with your friends and family, write a review on I Tune\s Spot a Fight and Google.,
 Hanh Brown: Play it helps others discover the show you can also contact us at seven, three, six, three, five, zero, six, eight, for to leave a review and requests content for the show we love hearing from our listeners, check out our tick tock, Instagram, and you Tube Channel, a gene media show and subscribed to weekly tips on how.,
 Hanh Brown: The best serve the senior population, we want to help them have a great experience as they age, thanks for tuning in until next time.]

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    • Automation
    • Chatgpt
    • Senior Care
    • Senior Housing
    • Senior Living
    • Active living communities
    • Caregiving
    • Dementia
    • Parkinson’s
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Entrepreneurs
    • Baby boomers
    • Intergenerational Programs
    • Mentorship
    • Retirement
    • Social Security
    • Adult Learning
    • Digital Health
    • Health Management
    • Digital Healthcare
    • Sales & Marketing Automation
    • Digital transformation
    • Longevity
    • Economy
    • Healthcare Management
    • Aging In Place
    • Home Care Services
    • Long-term Care Insurance
    • Medicare and Medicaid
    • Youtube Playlist
Innovating Responsibly in the Age of AI

In this podcast episode, Hanh Brown takes listeners on a journey through the history and evolution of Artificial Intelligence (AI). From its beginnings in…


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